Heavyweight quantum computers arrive as mergers create Quantinuum

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Investors keen on quantum computing can expect the slot Honeywell-Cambridge Quantum merger to produce a new publicly traded company within a year.

Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum, two big companies in the nascent but promising revolutionary quantum computing technology.

Quantinuum completed its merger plan to become a new company, Quantinuum, on Tuesday. The new 400-employee company is a bigger competitor to tech giants like Google, IBM, Intel and Microsoft, which it hopes to generate revenue.

obtained from quantum computing.Both companies contribute about half of their employees, but with different talents. Quantum computer hardware maker Honeywell Quantum Solutions is a subsidiary of Honeywell,

the industrial giant that sold its mainframe business in 1986, but Still doing business in chemicals aerospace and management of the Cambridge Quantum building located in the United Kingdom. Focuses on the software needed 

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